by Jim Emerson,

The election revealed the true nature of the supporters of Barack Obama; they do not care about anyone but themselves. The Free Obama-phone Lady from Ohio is now the face of America. If you don’t give her free stuff, you suck. After a hard day of ranting about how great Obama is and how evil conservatives are, she goes home to watch her flat screen TV she got with her Obama-bucks EBT card.

Voter Suppression

The only Americans who were denied the right to vote were the men and women selflessly serving this nation overseas; Obama supporters and no-show Republicans don’t care. This weekend, American celebrates Veteran’s Day. Obama supporters only think of it as a three-day weekend if they had a job. For most entitlement leeches, it’s a day the Post Office takes off, so they have to wait an extra day to get the Bluetooth earpiece for their Obama Phones.

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