by Mark Hopp,

With most of the country typically focused on national politics, Washington D.C. and what the Obama administration is doing, it appears once again the states are quietly leading a great revolution.

Just 25 years ago few people had the full right to open or conceal carry a loaded firearm in public – but that is changing.

As the tortoise and the hare story went…”slow and steady wins the race.” A recent Gun Digest article points out that in 1986 16 states would not issue carry permits. Today – none remain. Yes,  ZERO in 2013. Moreover, there are now five states that have what is called a “Constitutional Carry” where there is not any documented requirement. Until 2003, there was only one state that allowed this – Vermont – and until 2010 there were only two states  – Vermont and Alaska. So the number has gone up five times in a decade! Imagine 25 states in another decade!!

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